Don’t jump into quick conclusion. Lets be humble when judging others.

‘Sensational Media + Quick to judge masses = Shameful culture’

Whenever you hear, read or see something, we (amplifiers in media /social media) have a habit to spread the ‘gossip’. For your own good, do take a step back. If you have to judge, first ’empathize’. We are all going through hard times surviving in this world. Lets not be hasty to judge and point fingers at people unless you see clear proofs. Truths are rarely black and white. In fact when anyone sets out to do something, we usually do it thinking we are doing something right…

Jumping into quick conclusion only hurts us more. The greatest gift we humans get is “empathy” and “logic”. Use them wisely.
These days I see us  framing news in such a way that the masses perceives that news as the only absolute truth.

Note to future amplifiers:
1) Be humble while amplifying.
2) Best to wait until you verify breaking news.
3)Best be a miser at amplifying bad news



Here is a nice graphics that I found on internet to illustrate further 🙂

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