We need a Park ! Turn our old Royal Palace into one now !

We want a park to enjoy, to take a breathe away distraction full Kathmandu. What better use of the old Royal Palace  in Kathmandu to turn it into a park! It is a huge space in the most lucrative business districts of the country and it now houses a stupid museum and a stupid bureaucratic hole. So lets suggest some creative ideas for this space. Here are some of mine:

  • Take the bloody foreign ministry somewhere else first.
  • Get a bid for building a hybrid limited storied business- commercial shopping complex all around the Palace. This way new businesses will have a new address to attract nepalis and foreigners alike. Cap the design to be more architecturally Kathmandu’s Malla period architecture. Let there be a open plan/competition for architects for a design that incorporates tourism complex with a big park in the middle.  Use this to attract responsible tourism related business into the complex. (plan is to extend and upgrade Thamel’s charm there in a more cultural plus natural framework).
  • Let most of the revenue go towards building an impecabbly well maintained park not unlike the “Garden of Dreams” next door in Thamel. This will be our ‘Central Park of New York. or “Lumphini Park of Bangkok’. Build a park where people can walk, children can play and pets can be brought in safely. Ban Big gatherings.
  • Also make it a space for morning/evening walks, outdoor running, and peaceful meditation spots.
  • Make another small space  within this,where Artists, musicians, dancers, creative teams (not political) can hold open gatherings (without too much disturbances – architects can design this within the huge space of the Former Royal Palace.
  • Make the park vehicle free but build a underground parking area though that will generate additional revenue and people can park their vehicles in peace.
  • A Question: Make it open and fee-less but with strict enforcement? ” or keep it closed and with an affordable fee -easier to manage like the Garden of Dreams?

Add your own ideas on how to best use the Royal Palace ? should we start a movement on this ?


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