Are you going to be career driven or not ?

I interview young people a lot these days. I find some of them seem to lack commitments to their professional career at this important point in their life when they are just starting.

You call and say, “My Uncle had called a “Bhoj”. So my family pressured me to go there. I can’t make it today.” 

A lot of young Nepalis I have met, seem more preoccupied with their family and their family affects their decision to such an extent, that they seem more than happy to work “half time”, even if that meant lower pay and slower professional growth opportunity.
which means find an excuse to avoid work on the pretense of family functions, social functions, and holidays, (Nepal’s atrocious number of government holidays is the 2nd highest in the world, last i recall!)

But Family comes first for me! you might say.

I realize that professional career comes after family. But when you are just starting your professional career, I believe you need to change this attitude of family first. It impedes your growth professionally specially because you are raw and need a certain direction to grow.
And we don’t exactly have the “best” environment to work here in Nepal so there is very little chance for you to succeed professionally if you carry this attitude.

But I need balance in my life! you might reply.

For fresh young people who are just starting their career, you need to realize what Balance is. Balance between professional duties and family when each competes for time and priority.

If you have a no sense of urgency to succeed, when starting up, you risk stunting your professional growth. Even innovation in your industry slows down, if you don’t commit to your professional growth.

Young people, don’t be left behind. Throw yourself to work hard, harder, hardest when you are just starting your professional career.

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