in the age of the internet: remote work from home !

We are thinking of implementing a remote workplace where people work from their own homes /places and come together only when needed.

-few things to think about

Voice over IP system ( every worker has to be linked with at least 256kbps connection) and their special phone (or computer) acts as a communication tool. The server could be an “astreisk” open source VOIP system in linux. (free)

A special online time log system which logs time for your projects and makes you basically efficient.
(we are still trying to find one which suits our purpose).

Everyone has to have a backup system for electricity outages (which is notorious in Nepal.) Recommend usage for laptops.

An online project management system such as the free open source ProjectPier system.

An online client invoicing system (such as Freshbooks).

and every employee gets paid directly to their bank account.


Don’t forget to add more suggestions !!!

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