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Is there a niche market for “positive” media in Nepal?

In Nepal, every news (newspaper, online, TV, radio and other media) veers towards negative. Scan the newspapers, turn on your television. You will get plenty of proof. Why? Believe me when I say, it is not because there are not positive stories, personalities or work being done now. There are plenty! but media sanitzes us by feeding us sensationalized news, negative and gossip.

Amidst all this doom and gloom (or so it seems), here is my analysis.  There is a great opportunity for an all positive news” media.  An empowering media which lists current events that are positive and have potential to inspire us .

We could do with more positive stories of:

  1. rags to riches stories of Nepali
  2. social entrepreneurs success and failures
  3. street entrepreneurs of urban centers
  4. risk-takers in different professions
  5. community activists stories
  6. Community successes
  7. discussion transcripts between youths on sociopolitical issues
  8. mentor-ship events
  9. Networking events and fund-raisers.
  10. stories of Nepali uniting with each other on community to international level
  11. adventure stories in Nepal
  12. Nepali traveling in Nepal.

Add more to this list!
A Nepali positive news media anyone ?