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This 3 day Nepal bandh (total shutdown of country). This is blackmail.

Are you looking forward to this 3-day bandh, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday? (Total shutdown of Nepal)
What say to the sorry fact that a few big egos with no-one’s interests at heart but their own, will oppress you for three long days with the threat of some cheap several-hundred-rupee-per-day-hired-goons. Who benefits from this? Can bullying create lasting change? After 15+ years of bandhs, does it have the power of ‘shock and awe’ any more? This stinks. This is terrorism on the street corner and the masses lie down and swallow it as a part of life in :New Nepal.  But wait a minute…. Are you thinking….
  • Its not my job to stop it ?
  • I am helpless to face up to it myself, what can I do?
  • So what, its just a few days, I can wait it out?
  • I am lazy, I am a coward, I am average….?
Is there really *nothing* we, you,

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When you forcefully close a city: you lose, I lose, we all lose

So you force-close a city (Kathmandu) for a day:

  • you put brakes on 5 million people’s mind for a day
  • you make 5 million idle minds become a devil’s playground
  • you force a million youths to lose their morale and purpose (one level down at  a time).
  • you strangle any entrepreneur’s budding desires to start something here.
  • you make me question your moral superiority and …doubt mine (for bowing to you)
  • you make me not want to do anything for anyone.
  • you make us all dumber
  • you force 5 million people to be poorer.
  • you make it easier for us to leave this place and leave you all alone to rule the desert.

what a Lose- Lose situation.