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Digital Max Solutions office in 2008

12 Lessons I learnt running a company in Nepal

Here are a few lessons I learnt while running my online branding & web development firm Digital Max Solutions (DMS) in Nepal for nearly 10 years. Some of the lessons maybe IT specific. Enjoy!

  1. Be directly, personally responsible to the client. Otherwise chances of success in your project is low.
  2. Ensure quality yourself. If you personally don’t do quality checks on your products or services, make sure the person who does it, has your 100% trust.  (Otherwise it will come back to haunt you)
  3. Delegate but teach. If you delegate your project’s communication to your employee (your associate), teach them exactly how, what, why and when to communicate.
  4. Train your employees (associates).  Do not expect them to solely learn by their own or the internet. Understand the concept yourself first.
  5. Your employees value what they can learn from you personally. Substituting respect from them by friendship with them alone, may not work.
  6. Repeat yourself. Over-communicate. Your employees may not understand the first time around. This happens often. Ask them to paraphrase (To repeat what they understood.)
  7. Client is always right (but only at the end). Do ask them a lot of questions before the project starts. Over-communicate. Have

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Under promise – over deliver

Its an old concept but frankly it’s a winner:

  • Under promise and over deliver !

This make your customers go crazy about your brand and they will recommend to others.
Word of mouth will bring new customers and better days.

this should serve as an welcome counter to companies like NTC (Nepal Telecom)  who over promise and under deliver. Be warned ! such behaviour creates backlash when competitors will rise and “under promise” and over deliver ! NCell is rising at the cost of NTC.

Do you know any organizations or businesses or small shops here in Nepal who Under promise and over deliver? Please let our readers know by writing below.

some positive thoughts from a Hydro Power developer in Nepal.

Few weeks ago, in the “entrepreneurs for Nepal” gathering, I got to interact with a Nepali Hydro electric developer and a pioneer, Gyanendra Pradhan at a “entrepreneurs for nepal” gathering on 30th of April. He makes a good case for Hydropower development in Nepal. Here are a few stats he pulled out which was interesting.

  • Nepal has 20,000 liter of water per person (thats a  lot).
  • His words ” Nepal is a cheese between 2 breads” because of water and the hydro potential. He sees Nepal’s moment of action is now, where we need to show foriegn and domestic investors that we are serious on our efforts turn this potential gold mine into action. Otherwise the confidence will be lost for a long time.
  • Nepal has enough supply to power south Asia with hydro power, the cheapest form of generating electricity.
  • More than 50 thousand crore rupees (500,000 million rupees)  is currently being invested (or about to) in hydropower in Nepal right  now.

    Gyanendra’s mantra for a successful entrepreneur is as follows:

    1. One need to think differently…To be different

    2. Be a day dreamer

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    Business idea: A Public auction place in the heart of the Kathmandu.

    I always thought there was a big potential for public auctions for anything..from cars, to couches to …………… in Kathmandu/

    The foreign embassies in Kathmandu hold auctions that are hugely popular and people come in huge droves to buy and bid and (have fun).
    i stayed on line for an hour and half to enter the one at American embassy. brutal !

    I love the thrill of finding things of value that others don’t see, in public auctions (of new and used items). (maybe its in the genes).

    Well if you can get a classic American couch (sofa) that probably cost a thousand dollar at less than two hundred .. the hell if i care if its used for years. (well…as long as they look good).

    I think public auctions could be one small but important way to stimulate the flailing economy in kathmandu. (with all that money people have been keeping in banks and NOT using it, it could be a outlet for people to gather, socialize and spend). Also it is a way to bring out people in the spirit of spending (and not keeping and saving).

    are you a poor man or a rich man

    A poor man’s thoughts on work.

    ” I am being exploited by the company. I should earn more. I will stop helping the company by sneaking out, not working hard, being angry, showing attitude…etc.”

    A rich man’s thoughts.

    ” Company doesn’t realize my potential yet. I will earn more by making and executing some strategies. I will help my company to the point that they begin to see my value, they feel pressured to act positively to me. I will work harder, i will show my calm in front of all the storm and pressure around me.. etc.

    Which (wo) man are you ?