are you a poor man or a rich man

A poor man’s thoughts on work.

” I am being exploited by the company. I should earn more. I will stop helping the company by sneaking out, not working hard, being angry, showing attitude…etc.”

A rich man’s thoughts.

” Company doesn’t realize my potential yet. I will earn more by making and executing some strategies. I will help my company to the point that they begin to see my value, they feel pressured to act positively to me. I will work harder, i will show my calm in front of all the storm and pressure around me.. etc.

Which (wo) man are you ?


2 thoughts on “are you a poor man or a rich man

  1. A millionire’s thoughtn’The company runes in traditional way without innovation. I do have new ideas, and have clear vision of it; therefore I quit the company to start my own company.nn

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